Have Fun

Preaching is hard work, but wearing your Preachin' Socks reminds you that it's fun as well! Whether or not anybody sees your socks, gearing up with Preachin' Socks puts you in a joyful mindset that prepares you to bring the Word.

Encourage Others

I'm friends with some fellow preachers and we often send pics of our socks on Sunday morning along with messages like, 

"Got my preachin' socks on!" 

"Let's bring it today!" 

"Preach it!"

This is a great source of encouragement and camaraderie. Preachin' Socks help keep preachers connected. 

Be Practical

Nobody wants to see your feet in public. Cover those puppies up with...Preachin' Socks (and shoes I suppose, whatever, that's somebody else's business).