Preachin' Socks

Preachin' socks for preachin' preachers.

About Us

For Preachers By Preachers ("fup-bup")

I like preaching in fun socks. I call them my "preachin' socks." Any pair of socks can be your preachin' socks, but I thought I'd design  the official Preachin' Socks. (Why not? I had a couple minutes between committee meetings.)

Quality Socks

These quality business crew socks feature gray-on-black jaquard stitching and are one size fits all. They will keep their shape so you're all set for many Sundays to come! 

Socks that Help

You're definitely going to pay more for these socks than a normal pair of socks. But you can feel better about doing so knowing that 50% of all Preachin' Socks profits will be donated to a nonprofit or local helping organization. This month's charity is Apage Villages Foster Care Agency (